Structural Integrity

Helping asset owners understand infrastructure risks

Societal demand for resources, heavy industries and public infrastructure sectors are straining critical infrastructure. Asset replacement and construction adversely impacts organisations, supply channels, as well as carbon emissions. Transforming and reimagining what is possible through asset life extension requires a careful appreciation of best-in-class domain expertise and financial and safety risk assessment.

Our point of difference:

Our in-house structural asset condition monitoring and structural inspection expertise is unparalleled in the industry with more than 100 years of combined structural and mechanical design delivery experience. By providing simple and practical solutions to infrastructure life extension, we mitigate complex and expensive infrastructure maintenance and construction costs. Our goal is to deliver actionable results, partnering with our clients through implementation.

What we can deliver:
    • Site structural integrity asset management manual, plan and specification development
    • Structural integrity inspections and defect reporting
    • Remedial design, options analysis and construction estimation
    • Structural asset life extension assessments
    • Real-time visualisation and Structural performance monitoring and structural health monitoring (SHM)
    • Project execution and construction cost estimation
    • Contractor tender evaluation
    • Construction/design liaison
    • Site support services including project structural engineer secondment