Structural Health Monitoring

Intelligent, connected, and self-diagnosing infrastructure is here

Sustaining and extending the life of existing infrastructure assets plays a crucial role in addressing increasing urbanisation rates and supply chain disruptions. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems provide asset owners with real-time structural asset performance and maintenance insights, enabling continued safe operation of critical infrastructure assets.

Our point of difference:

With over 50 years of combined experience in using high-end measurement systems to validate analytical and computational analyses, we have stayed ahead of the technology curve. Our class leading capabilities stem from our multi-disciplinary team who design, install, and test structural health monitoring systems across a variety of assets and sectors. Our infrastructure technology and visualisation solutions enable asset owners to leverage the power of data to extract insights and maximise productivity and utilisation, whilst minimising intervention.

What we can deliver:
    • Real time weigh-in motion and vehicle characterisation monitoring
    • Structural analysis including FEA model, validation and calibration
    • Vehicle identification and tracking
    • Image capture, recognition and analysis
    • Video monitoring systems integration and visualisation platforms
    • Real-time visualisation and infrastructure performance monitoring including analytics and anomaly alerts
    • Predictive maintenance and fault detection
    • Design load and dynamic load amplification validation
    • Tactical and strategic maintenance planning support
    • Digital twinning