Asset Management

Rockfield provides comprehensive advisory services to ensure the safe operation, maintenance and long-term performance of assets

Our team specialise in assessing an asset’s capacity to run effectively, accurately, and with minimal risk or disruption. With a focus on protecting personnel and equipment from harm during all stages of the asset’s management and life cycle, Rockfield promotes safe and continuous operations by creating actionable plans for preventive maintenance, hazard assessments, operational reviews and more.

Our Asset Management services

Project Services

  • Front End Loading Services
  • SMP Concept Development
  • Drafting Services
  • 3D Printing
  • Options Analysis
  • Engineering Design
  • Operational Readiness
  • Commissioning Support
  • Precision Install Techniques

Asset Analysis

  • Statutory Compliance Solutions
  • Performance, Risk & Cost Benchmarking
  • FMEA/FMECA Solutions
  • MTBF/MTTR Analysis
  • Failure Mode Analysis
  • Failure Investigation
  • RCM & RCA Support
  • SAMP/AMP Creation
  • Asset Life Cycle
  • Modelling & Evaluation
  • Customised Gap Analysis Solutions

Health Monitoring

  • Real Time Health Monitoring Systems
  • CBM Program Design
  • Strain Data Collection
  • Load Rating Services
  • Structural Crack Investigation
  • Structural Vibration & Frequency Analysis
  • Motion Amplification
  • Remnant Life Assessment

Asset Inspection

  • Structural Integrity Inspection
  • Equipment Health Inspection
  • Rail Inspections
  • Offshore Inspections
  • Asset Criticality Benchmarking
  • Quantitative Defect Evaluation
  • Customised Risk Rating and Reporting Services
  • Immersive 3D Virtual Tour Historians

Value Realisation

  • Business Risk Remediation Services
  • Reliability & Precision
  • Maintenance Training
  • Quick Win Action Delivery
  • Defect Elimination
  • ROI/OEE Evaluation
  • Trial & Project Delivery
  • Customised Data Analytics
  • Inventory & Resource Streamlining
  • Throughput Sensitivity Analysis


  • In-Field Inspection Apps
  • Asset Criticality
  • Benchmarking Software
  • PHM & Downtime
  • Servitisation
  • Asset Strategy
  • Selection & Justification
  • Asset Life Cycle
  • Modelling & Evaluation
  • ISO55000 Certification
  • Capital Planning
  • Fit-For-Service Studies
  • Digital Twin Solutions
  • Machine Learning & Predictive Analysis

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