Advanced Computational Analysis

Understand what is really happening with your equipment, plant, and infrastructure

Global demands on supply chains are stretching capacity and capability requirements of critical infrastructure, plant and machinery. As the utilisation of these assets becomes more complex, so too does the ability to analyse and optimise their strength and performance. Our advanced computational analyses allow asset owners to optimise designs, identify critical issues and improve overall performance and productivity.

Our point of difference:

At Rockfield’s core is the ability to develop, analyse, interrogate and validate advanced computational models. Across all sectors, our advanced analysis services range from code-based design checks, to advanced highly non-linear, probabilistic life-extension studies and everything in between.

What we can deliver:
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • Particle flow analysis using Discrete Element Method (DEM)
    • Small and large structures and infrastructure assessments
    • Degradation modelling and end of life assessments
    • Ballistic analyses including containment energy analysis/design
    • Structural dynamics assessments
    • Modelling correlation/validation
    • Computational thermal and thermo-mechanical analysis
    • Advanced component iterative design