Bulldozer Blade Design and Optimisation Using Particle Modelling Methods and On-site Instrumentation (load measuring) Verification Techniques

Conveyor Belt Mis-tracking Issues – Inspections and Transfer Chute Design Review

Conveyor System and Component Design and Drafting

Design of Transfer Chutes and Conveyor Loading Facilities utilising Discrete Element Modelling Techniques

Dragline Bucket Optimisation utilsing Particle Modelling Techniques

Greenfield Ship Loader Design for Silica Sand Outloading Facility – inc. Structural, Mechanical, Hydraulic (Sub-Contractor) and Electrical (Sub-Contractor) Design and Drafting

Port Crane Cyclone Tie Down Design Optimisation

Excavator Bucket Design, Optimisation and Drafting

Reclaimer Design Audit and Australian Standard Refurbishment Design Development – On-site Inspections, Instrumentation, Machine Weighing, FEA, Fatigue Life Assessment Techniques were Employed

Remnant Life Assessment of Port Crane, involving on-site measurements and inspections, testing and non-linear FEA

Ship Loader Bogie Design and Replacement Work Procedure

Ship Loader Design Audit and Remediation Design Development to Australian Standards – Utilising On-site Instrumentation, Inspection, NDT and FEA Techniques

Stacker Design for Silica Sand Mine

Structural Health Monitoring of BMH Assets

Transfer Chute Optimisation (increase throughput, decrease wear, decrease downtime) using Discrete Element Modelling