Bridge Substructure Instrumentation

Dynamic and Controlled Testing of Mobile Equipment – Measuring Accelerations, Weight and Strain Responses

In-situ Dozer Pressure and Strain measurement for DEM and FEA Design Validation

Materials Strength Testing

Rail Bridge Culvert Instrumentation and Dynamic Load Testing

Rail Bridge Load Testing using a Suite of of Sensors and Telemetric Techniques

Rail Track Condition Assessment via Measuring Load, Acceleration, Tilt and Deflection on Wagons in Geographic Locations

Real Time Structural Health Monitoring and Load Rating of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Infrastructure

Retaining Wall Deformation Remote Monitoring

Static and Dynamic Load Testing, Medium Term Monitoring System Design and Development and Installation Project

Strain Measurement of Steering Column to Assess Ergonomics of Various 4-Wheel Motorbikes

Wagon Tippler Instrumentation to Validate FEA Design

Wall Panel Strength and Serviceability Laboratory Testing

Wharf or Ship Mounted, Mooring Hook Capacity Instrumentation and Load Testing