Ballistics FEA – Armour Penetration Analysis

Bush Design Development through FEA

Chimney FEA to Develop Remediation Strategies

Dentistry Strength Investigation

Impact on Rotating Hammer Assessment

Mechanical Arch Style Bridge FEA and Remediation Design Development

Non-Linear FEA, Eigenvalue Buckling and Non-Linear Buckling Analyses of Bulk Handling Equipment

Pil Tag Clip Rail Design Optimisation

Port Crane FEA, Fatigue Life Assessment and SMP Development

Product Development and Prototype FEA

Product Mould Prototype FEA

Rail Coupling Design Optimisation

Road and Rail Bridge FEA in accordance with AS5100 and Remnant Life Assessment (BS7608) and SMP Development

Sugar Cane Wagon Chassis Analysis for Strengthening Advice

Sugar Cane Wagon Wheel Optimisation

Truck Body Optimisation for Payload and Fatigue Life