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Rockfield Technologies Australia is a specialist high technology company with core skills in advanced computational modelling, sensor technologies, data analytics and engineering design solutions. Right from our establishment in 2000, Rockfield has been assisting clients from across the industrial sectors in better understanding and managing the risk profile of critical assets in terms of capacity utilisation, structural integrity, remnant life and Standard’s compliance.
Areas of Specialization

  • Thorough understanding and application of engineering standards
  • Advanced modelling capability: linear and non-linear; coupled models, structural response; corrosion; crack propagation and fatigue; failure modes; geo-mechanics; thermal analysis; mathematical field problems
  • Material science: steel, concrete, aluminium, rubber, FRP
  • Sensor technology and big data: tailoring sensors to site application
  • Mathematical modelling and computing
  • Site preparation, WHS, and client interfacing
  • Experimental design and application
  • Component design and design optimisation

Rockfield is appreciative that new infrastructure is designed to codes of practice where safety factors are chosen based on experimental evidence and risk aversion to balance load against an assortment of capacity reduction factors. Most consulting companies are comfortable in offering services to design new infrastructure. However, over time,  infrastructure is inevitably subjected to increased loading / traffic actions, structural deterioration due to time dependent actions, and possible structural damage due to accidental actions. Rockfield specialises in this complex field offering:

  • Detailed site inspection of critical infrastructure
  • Plausibility checks where discrepancies between a structural analysis (often conducted by consultants treating the aged structure as a new structure) must be juxtaposed against the real structural condition (perhaps showing no visual signs of distress) and explained
  • Determination of actual load paths through measurements
  • Specification of sampling and testing procedures and determination of aged material properties
  • Determination of structural performance of assets by using models that reliably represent the actions. These predictive models may be highly non linear and may include deterioration
  • Application of sensitivity analysis using partial factor deterministic techniques or probabilistic methodologies
  • Holistic solutions encompassing sensors, data analytics and web portal interfaces
  • Remediation of critical assets with CFRP where appropriate
  • Preparation of recommendations for interventions
  • Assistance to management with high level business decisions for balancing risk appetite against performance targets

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