About Rockfield

Rockfield’s vision is to reimagine and transform aging infrastructure through business and engineering analytics and the implementation of disruptive technology.

Our intent by 2025 is to be the leader in transforming these assets into living structures.

 The following values underpin everything we do:

Integrity: We are open, ethical, rigorous and committed to the highest standards of business acumen.

Creativity: We continually challenge the status quo to benefit our clients.

Agency: We recognize that happiness at work depends on staff feeling a sense of agency. We believe in an inclusive and open environment where staff are empowered to do their job well. We also recognize that for our company to prosper we must also empower our clients.

Relevance: we understand that business continuity is underpinned by relevance to our clients needs.

Excellence: We deliver the highest quality in everything that we do and benchmark against the worlds best.

The world today is abound with aging infrastructure. Financial constraints dictate that this infrastructure remain operational and asset owners are faced with the unenviable quandary of managing capacity while mitigating risks. Replacement of old for new is rarely a financial option. The scale of the problem is massive. Data suggests that there is literally trillions of dollars of infrastructure in the western world alone which fit into this category. Interestingly, catastrophic failures remain rare and one might hypothesis that this is due to the extreme conservatism of engineering designs and codes of practice. The time is right to question the balance between conservatism and remnant life, and progressively implement outputs associated with  advanced computational models, sensors, the internet of things,  and associated decision support tools.

Rockfield Technologies was incorporated in 2000 to consult with industry using advanced computational mechanics as a by-product of our Director’s university research activities. Our target market was structural solid mechanics, material damage models, and material flow using finite element procedures. While these procedures remain in our DNA today we have evolved into a company with a much grander purpose. Put simply, our job is to transform largely inert civil and mechanical structural assets into living assets, tightly integrated through the internet of things, and able to perform optimally and safely subject to competing inputs.

At Rockfield we  create value for our client through better management of critical structural and mechanical assets. Our end to end service encompasses:

  • Strategic high level business engagement which explores asset performance against life cycle markers balancing risk appetite against performance targets
  • Working closely with asset managers and technologists to provide reliable and enduring mechanical, civil and structural engineering advice aimed principally at maximizing capacity while minimizing unplanned intervention.
  • A mix of contemporary design experience (codes of practice) juxtaposed against advanced analysis, FEA, probabilistic techniques
  • Holistic solutions encompassing sensors, data analytics and web portal interfaces
  • Physical testing of aged materials to provide real life inputs to models
  • Remediation of critical assets with CFRP where appropriate
  • Site work for remote installation of intelligent instrumentation and monitoring devices

What can you expect from engaging with our services and using our products and data analytic platforms.


By engaging with Rockfield you will be dealing with a company that has set its sights squarely on disrupting the asset life cycle of mechanical and structural assets.

  • Our partnerships may demand challenging conversations as we unpack existing site operations and push barriers for technological change and short term adoption
  • You can expect to see our staff working in close partnership with your team as we deliver on stretch targets and agreed outcomes.
  • You can expect to see business proposals where value, cost and uncertainty underpin delivery and implementation.
  • For us, long term partnerships and return business demand that we empower our clients through knowledge and worlds best practice.


Reimagine. Transform.



Reimagine. Transform.

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Reimagine. Transform.